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It doesn't matter if your coin is in circulation, dingy, or worn, you can get top dollar for your coins through our fair assessments. We only use professional grading techniques and provide insurance estimates to help keep your collection protected.

Sell your coins in any condition

 •  Circulated or uncirculated

 •  Supply and demand

 •  Condition

 •  Grading

 •  Melt value

 •  Artificial factors

There are many factors that can affect the price of your coins. It is important to know these factors before getting an assessment so you know what to expect. We can help provide you with expert knowledge on your coins.

Factors that affect value

Know what you have

Don't let just anyone evaluate your coin collection. Bring your valuables to South River Jewelry & Clock to have an authorized dealer appraise your items. Each appraisal comes with a certified document so you can present it when you decide to sell or pass it down to someone else.

Certified appraisals for your coins and jewelry

Support your community by doing business with a company who has over.

50 years of experience.

Get a FREE estimate on what your coin

collection is worth!

Did you inherit some coins from a loved one? Have collected old coins over the years and want to get a certified appraisal of what your coins are worth? Now you can when you bring them down to South River Jewelry & Clock.

What's your treasure worth?

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